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ThirdEye Gen found its focus on developing and creating ThirdEye AR accessories. The software developed by them is rapidly finding use by major educational institutes and enterprises. They have also developed AR space by using advanced technology for the department of defense for 20+ years and readily claim their pedigree in that. For further information, visit https://www.thirdeyegen.com/

Take Advantage of Augmented Reality Software for Development of Children

The maximum growth and development of a human brain happen in the formative years of a child. When you have a baby, you always hope that they grow and acquire moral knowledge and educational know-how. With the modernization and development in technology, the way that children used to gain knowledge has changed big time. If you talk about 10 years ago, children were explained things on a black or whiteboard by drawing diagrams and solving sums but, if you talk about it in the current day scenario; it is clearly out of question. Children nowadays learn quickly from what they see, thus a lot of institutions opt for augmented reality software to be installed in their campus to improve the standard and quality of education in the world. It makes learning more enjoyable and thus making it easy for children to grasp what is being taught to them. For instance, if you try to explain a digestive system on a blackboard, do you think the child would understand and be able to differentiate between organs? Now, if you show the same to them with the help of augmented reality, they could possibly learn and understand better.


ThirdEye Gen Inc. is a renowned company that develops AR software and manufactures smart glasses to improve and enhance the reality for the next generation. The innovative, smart and experienced team at ThirdEye Gen Inc. develops smart software that will be changing point in the future. As the name suggests ThirdEyestands for showing you the reality which you usually do not notice with normal vision. In the education sector, it will act as a boon to improve the overall development of the children and also promote your institution. When you offer AR education at your institute parents and guardians will be attracted towards you as the learning and development of their child is maximized. 

You can take a look at the official website www.thirdeyegen.com to get a better understanding of how they have developed their smart glasses. The company is located in Princeton, NJ and develops software and X2 Smart glasses on client demand. So, if you are looking for AR software to implement something new in the education sector, send your requirements to their customer support team and let the experienced developers at ThirdEye Gen make AR software that will change the future of your institution.

For more information, visit https://www.thirdeyegen.com/

Behold the Magic with Augmented Reality Smart Glasses

With the passage of time, technology is evolving, upgrading and improving. The revolution of smart glass has marked a great change in digital technologies. The smart glasses have emerged as an augmented reality device (AR) that processes and captures the physical environment and hence, augments it with virtual elements. Smart glasses have got a huge potential in contributing great values towards enterprises, consumers and societies as a whole. If you are keen to unravel the z-axis of the world, then there are a number of credible online stores which cater to augmented reality smart glasses where you can simply explore the other side of the world that you have never witnessed before. Incorporated with the X1 feature, it offers a wide 40-degree field of view along with high brightness display level. You can just scan the world through AR smart glasses and experience it in a high-definition mode.

The X1 smart glasses have laid the foundation of augmented reality development which has improved the performance of marketing, manufacturing, in-product development, and other expertise areas. The amalgamation of smart glass and X1 has given straight-out-of-the-box solutions for displaying the world in the whole new level. The X1 is most compatible with open-source Android OS that is customizable with existing APIs and SDKs. From developing image recognition apps to games, the X1 cameras and sensors have got everything to offer. The X1 smart glasses are accommodated with rechargeable, dual hot-swappable, replaceable batteries that are equivalent to 2400 mAh. These one-of-a-kind glasses come along with wireless UI controller, microfiber cleaning cloth, 3.0 charger, wireless earphones, etc. for an overall functionality and maintenance.

If you are searching for an eminent online store that offers top-notch X1 smart glasses and its accessories, then look no further than ThirdEye Gen. It is committed to design and develop high-end X1 smart glasses for both consumer and commercial worlds. ThirdEye Gen has brought a change in the era of human interaction with the powerful X1 smart glasses. It is known for developing personalized software solutions and integrates them into X1 smart glasses, providing you a fully integrated product. The team of ThirdEye Gen has got 20+ years of experience of advanced technology development and strives to develop augmented reality smart glasses through cutting-edge tools and methodologies.

About ThirdEye Gen:

ThirdEye Gen is the leading online store in the realm of augmented reality industry which offers impeccable X1 accessories such as portable case, head strap etc.

For more details, visit Thirdeyegen.com

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Get the Best of AR Based Products from the Experts of This Realm

Have you ever wondered about how Pokemon Go or the Smart Glasses Technology came into existence and became popular overnight? The answer to this question is very simple; using the Augmented Reality which further installed the digital view of the images into the real world of life. Not just this, today this tech has lent the mankind various other resources and facilities, which further states that this technology is here to stay for long. The important point that needs our immediate attention is that Augmented Reality adds another dimension to the pre-existing times rather than putting the user or the viewer into an altogether different world of reality.

But the question that strikes our mind is that, why was this necessary or what value did it add to the previously existing models? The world of technology is changing enormously, where the people or the businesses are utilizing the newer trends to leapfrog the existing competition and move ahead in marketing race, and why not? The people today need something that allows them with the Three C’s- comfort, convenience and cost-effectiveness, and the products infused with the augmented reality-based technology has hit the customers at the right nerve.

For instance, the Smart Glasses Technology, Snapchat filters and a lot more, has made even the virtual world feel like the real one. The smart and mixed reality is making the eye-wear more special and overpowering for its users. The easy to wear computer glasses use the smarter technology where you are equipped with all the latest technological innovation that provides you with the information on all of the things you are seeing. Reading this sends the wave of excitement and thrills to the reader, right? So imagine how overwhelming it would be to witness the best with our own eyes. You can save the time you waste on reading the manuals, as all the instructions pops up in front of your eyes in no time.

If you are looking for such augmented reality based products, then look no more and contact ThirdEye Gen. It is a firm that has created the end products by using the AR technology to the fullest such as offering the augmented reality glasses for sale thus making them available for the commercial purpose and the end users. It stands true for the purpose of providing the people with the new ways of human interaction. Moreover its product X1 Smart Glasses is a breakthrough in this revolution with more than 500 companies using the same.

About ThirdEye Gen:

ThirdEye Gen is the brainchild of Nick Cherukuri who has the passion for providing the people with something that carries value. The better technology products have made the firm a big name in the industry.

For more information, visit Thirdeyegen.com

How Augmented Reality has Transformed Your Vision for the Surrounding

A huge number of companies are there which strive to get you an accurate and precise vision of your surrounding using augmented reality technology. It has given a new way of visualizing things for both the consumer and commercial worlds. Augmented reality has introduced different ways of human interaction. In fact, you can say that AR has brought a new era of human interaction by enabling them to directly interact with the surrounding objects via Internet of Things (IoT).

Internet of Things (IoT) is a kind of augmented reality technology which is nothing but digital information about the surrounding objects placed in your field of view.

Various tools, applications and other helpful equipment have been fabricated by numerous companies using augmented reality technology; AR smart glasses, enterprise applications and many others are example of it. State of the art and powerful AR technologies prefer to be exercised by these companies so as to get its client required product. The main motto of the organizations offering AR equipments is to develop your custom software solutions and implement it into the smart glasses, you will get full solution or fully integrated product in the form of smart glasses.

A huge number of organizations can be found out there which strive to get you powerful software, glasses and other equipment based on augmented reality technology. Not all of these organizations are capable and knowledgeable enough to get you needed AR software, smart glasses or any other equipment. You must be prudent while choosing an organization in order to get your smart glass or AR enterprise software designed. You are advised to opt for any organization after fetching full information about the company and reading the feedbacks posted by its customer regarding the services and products delivered by the organization.

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient firm which can get you needed AR enterprise software, 3D augmented reality software tracking 6DoF, smart glasses or any other equipment and tool based on augmented reality technology then you should look no further than ThirdEye Gen. All the products delivered by ThirdEye Gen are found to be efficient, profitable and augmented reality technology used in your product enhance your operations.

About ThirdEye Gen:

ThirdEye Gen is the fastest growing augmented reality products provider. The smart glasses offered by it which gives a real-time vision along with full information of the object are based on smart glasses technology. It asks for a minimum amount from the customers for its outstanding augmented reality products.

For more details, visit Thirdeyegen.com

How Augmented Reality Glasses and Accessories Transform Your Life for Better

Augmented reality has changed the way people used to look at their surroundings. A wide range of effective smart glasses have been fabricated using smart glasses technology. Using these smart glasses you can do more than just taking photos and videos. Smart glasses have the potential to integrate segmented reality with your surroundings. You can avail live information during your activities, high resolution images are shown to user, and smart glasses also allows you to manipulate 3D objects easily. Nowadays smart glasses have become a part of everyone’s daily life.

Smart glasses have made every task easy whether it is of commercial world or consumer world. The method of human interaction has completely changed, since Augmented Reality has hit the market. With the AR glasses human being is able to directly interact with the surrounding objects and the digital information about the surrounding objects are available into your field of view. Augmented Reality technology is not limited up to the smart glasses but millions of AR software, AR glasses, AR accessories and several other AR equipments have been designed by various companies.

You can also purchase the AR equipments or any other required AR accessories online as multiple online portals are providing AR equipments at an affordable price. The benefit of online websites is, you don’t have to visit a physical store in order to purchase AR equipment or smart glasses. The needed AR equipments are just a few clicks away from you all you need is a high speed internet. The most important thing every customer is worried about while purchasing anything online from AR equipment to daily use stuff is- confidentiality of their information and authentic payment methods. One online portal is there which is quite authentic and you can bank upon it for buying AR accessories. The online platform is ThirdEye Gen, which allows you to purchase the needed AR equipment anytime, anywhere.

You must be aware of the following items offered by ThirdEye Gen:

  • X1 Smart Glasses

  • Augmented Reality Software

  • Resellers

  • Augmented Reality Accessories

ThirdEye Gen is working with 500+ companies so that more and more people can be aware of the variety of benefits AR equipments provides.

About ThirdEye Gen:

ThirdEye Gen is an online platform that strives to provide its customer the highest-quality of augmented reality equipment and is renowned among its millions of users for augmented Reality Glasses. The AR products offered by ThirdEye Gen are also pocket friendly.

For more details, visit Thirdeyegen.com

Use AR Smart Glasses Designed by ThirdEye Gen and Boost your enterprise’s Productivity!

In modern times, the emergence of virtual and augmented reality technologies has been a revolution. The technologies are used in all workplaces and they can boost the efficiency of any organization. The unique and noteworthy technology has created a huge buzz all over the world and offer creative solutions to the common problems faced on a regular basis. Due to the high growth potential in manufacturing products based on augmented reality technology, many IT companies have started to manufacture AR software and products. One of the best companies that manufacture AR products is ThirdEye Gen. They have developed several next generation augmented reality products for commercial and personal use.

They have successfully developed their X1 augmented reality glasses. These glasses are beneficial in all areas of the world. Commercial organizations, educational institutes, military organizations and other similar organizations can benefit immensely from the product developed by ThirdEye Gen. Their products have introduced a new era where people can interact with surrounding objects with the help of Internet of things. The AR glasses developed by ThirdEye Gen are top of the class and the features offered in these glasses are powerful for businesses. The AR smart glasses help people to collaborate in a more effective way. The better collaboration usually results in increased productivity. They are a superior alternative to desktop computers and mobile phones. The Augmented reality based software and products have been particularly helpful in educational institutes.

The educational institutes that used the technology developed by ThirdEye Gen observed increased participation from the students. The attractive augmented software is very exciting and makes even the tedious learning process full of fun and enjoyment. The teachers could also impart more knowledge to the students due to enhance remote AR help and point of view tutoring. The Augmented reality glasses have several benefits over the smart phones as multitasking can be done more easily and efficiently.

The developers at ThirdEye Gen are very experienced and design products that are of the highest quality. The Augmented reality smart glasses work on ThirdEye Gen’s 3D overlay platform which enables users to effortlessly scan real world objects into a 3D CAD file. The functioning of the devices is very smooth and users can rest assure that the device won’t break down during crucial moments. If any organization wants to use augmented reality software for increasing the productivity of the organization, then the efficient products offered by ThirdEye Gen can be perfect.

For more information visit: https://www.thirdeyegen.com